Working with TAC Client Services (TAC-CS) component

TAC Client Services (TAC-CS) component will be required in following configurations of Total Access Control.
  • When a TAC Access Policy is configured for a site or an application
  • When a VPN application published
  • When a client-server application is published on the site
  • When a Citrix application is published
  • When a Remote Desktop application using "TAC Client Service transport" is published

Note - The TAC CS Client is not  required when a Remote Desktop application using "Native RDP Proxy transport" is published

When users access a service needing the TAC-CS client, they will be prompted to download and install the TAC-CS component depending on the configuration of the site.

Read the instruction on screen to install the client component.

Note: The logged in user must have administrator privilege to install the TAC-CS on the system.

Important: If you are using a proxy server to access the internet, make sure that “” is excluded from proxy usage.  Use your web browser’s help to find the information about proxy server configuration and adding the exclusion.

During the installation, the TAC-CS install wizard will query the service status.

Once the installation is completed, you will be prompted to trust the site you are accessing with the following certificate information.

You may react to that by permanently trusting or just trusting for the days that you want.  The web page will automatically reload and then you can access the application or the site.