TAC Gateway Appliance Getting Started Guide - VMWare Version


Getting Started

VMWare Version

Thank you for purchasing the PortSys Total Access Control Gateway Virtual Appliance VMWare edition.  This document provides the steps required to initialize the TAC Gateway appliance.

The TAC Gateway virtual appliance is shipped as a VMWare OVA.  Please import or copy the contents of the TAC Gateway-xx.x-vm-x directory as you normally would for your VMWare environment.

Before you power up the VM you may need to modify the attached network adapter to work with your environment.  You may also want to add a second adapter.

NOTE – Do not use an E1000 type adapter.  Use VMXNet3 instead.

During first boot you will be prompted to enter your Microsoft Product ID (PID).  If you have not received your key you can skip this prompt and enter the key later.

The initial login credentials are:

  • Login = TACAdmin (no need to enter)
  • Password = $12TACGateway12$

You will be required to change the password at the first login.  Once logged in, the TAC Gateway can then be launched from the Desktop icon.

You are now ready to begin using the PortSys TAC Gateway.

If you encounter any issues, have questions, or for further information, contact us at:


US:  +1 781-996-4900 Press option 4

UK:  +44 (0) 208-196-2420 Press option 4

The Portsys KB can be accessed HERE where you can find full documentation