Using the TAC Dashboard

The TAC Gateway dashboard is the main interface of the TAC Gateway Management Console. It includes the following features:

Performance statistics with eye-friendly GUI graph. The dashboard has the quick visibility of session’s count that are authenticated and anonymous, average time to process the request and requests-per-second.

Disk status - Disk status is vital for TAC operation as it needs a fair amount of disk space to save logs and reports.

Service Status – The Service status indicates the status of the TAC operation. TAC installation will not start the TAC services automatically. Initial activation of TAC is required activating and starting TAC services.

The below system status are monitored from TAC Dashboard:

  • License – TAC Gateway license status
  • SSL Certificates – TAC Dashboard monitors the status and validity of SSL certificate
  • Service Status – Status of the TAC services
  • Heartbeat – Health status of the TAC Gateway request processing
  • Performance Data – Status of Performance data collection of TAC
  • Log Status – Monitors the status of logging services in TAC Gateway
  • Repository Status – Monitors the status of users and authentication re positories

You can copy the system status by clicking Copy Details to the clipboard. If any of the status indicates an error, copy the details to notepad and see the details of the error. This helps the administrator to quickly understand if there is a problem in the server configuration or status.