Unpacking and Preparing the TAC Appliance

The PortSys Total Access Control Gateway (TAC) is sold and shipped in one of three ways:

Hardware Appliance : The TAC hardware appliance is a hardended design running HP hardware designed for exceptional performance and scalability.  

VMWare Appliance: To run in an existing VMWare environment.   Also hardened.

Microsoft Hyper-V Appliance: To run in an existing Hyper-V environment.   Also hardened.

When your TAC hardware appliance arrives, it will come with TAC pre-installed and ready to configure.

There will also be a USB key contained in the packaging containing a duplicate image of TAC and the Windows 2012 R2 operating system.   We recommend locating the key and retain it in a safe but easily accessible area.  

If you need to reinstall TAC for any reason, use this key.