Assigning an Access Policy

The administrator is required to assign configured policy for sites or applications in TAC to take effect end users access evaluation.

To apply policy to a site: Select the site from TAC Management Console and click Configure under Site Configuration.

A Site Configuration window will open. Under Security you can select the policy that you created for the site from the dropdown list under Access Policy section.  Click OK.

This policy will be processed when the site is being accessed.

To apply a policy into an application, select the application that needs the policy enforced from the Applications list. Click Edit.

 An Application Configuration window will open. Go to the Security tab. In Security tab, select the intended access policy from the dropdown list under “Select what access policy should be applied when users access this application.” Click OK.

Important: If you have Site access policy defined, the settings in the application’s access policy will override the site’s access policy.

Note: End users may prompt to install TAC Client Services (TACCS) component when accessing policy defined sites or applications.