TAC Array and NLB advanced settings

Changing the IP address in a TAC integrated NLB array

This article applies to TAC array environment.

When the TAC Gateway is in array and is using integrated NLB for load balancing, it is recommended that you make any changes to the dedicated IP # (DIP) on the NIC using the NLB Management console.

For an example, if you want to add or modify the dedicated IP addresses of the NIC properties you need to go to Windows integrated NLB Management console (NLBmgr) and make modifications.

If all array nodes are participating in the modification it has to be changed on all array nodes.

Important: Changing of primary IP assigned for array member communication is not supported. Contact PortSys support in such cases.

The Virtual IP (VIP) should be configured in TAC Management console.

Important: Any changes done directly on the NIC will break the NLB operation.