TAC Application access using Android devices

TAC support application access using Android device. users may prompt to configure TAC mobile on their devices depend on the configuration made by the administrator in the Device Management in TAC.

If the site is configured for device approval in TAC or enabled device policies, when user access the site for the first time in android, he will prompt to install TAC Mobile component on their mobile device. Further TAC Mobile application helps to secure user's device and make it safe for internal application access through the device.

TAC Mobile agent is available for iOS and Android devices. When the user access the site for the first time using the device, then the end user will be redirected to the respective app store to download and install TAC Mobile.

After installing TAC Mobile, the site will automatically direct the users to the sign-in page or they will be required to refresh the page or click on “Proceed to login” link. Then they will be prompted to accept site information. If the site has a valid certificate and is trusted, they need to accept the Site information, otherwise they will be terminated from the site.

Next, if the administrator checked “Require explicit device approval” checkbox in Device Control, users have to wait untill the administrator approves their devices in TAC in order to access the Site. If they try to log in without approval, they may see the following message:


 Once the administrator approves the device, users are able to access the site

If the administrator enables Device Policy, the user will be prompted to setup PIN/Passcode in their first attempt to access the TAC Site before sign-in. Similar to below screen:

When you click on “Configure it” TAC Mobile will request to act as Device Administrator, which controls most of the device security. Click on “Activate” to enable TAC Mobile as the device control and proceed in setting up PIN/Passcode for the device. 

This will make sure that the device is secured and safe to access internal resources. for an example a user may forget to secure his/her mobile device, misplace the device or may be uncomfortable setting a passcode.  The user will be required to secure their mobile device using a TAC policy when they wish to access corporate resources.  Until the device is secured and meets corporate requirements that have been set in the Device Policy, the user will not be allowed to login.  If the user forgets to lock the screen, TAC Mobile will automatically lock the screen after a period of the device remaining idle.

After activating TAC Mobile for device administrator you may be requested to setup PIN/Passcode and other security options before sign-in to the TAC Site.

Important: To configure ActiveSync for exchange on mobile device user first need to request device approval by following above steps. If not users will not able to connect to Exchange server

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