Session Monitor

The TAC Session Monitor is a tool that allows administrators to monitor active sessions and the session details.  The Session Monitor lists all the sessions in TAC including browser and non-browser based sessions. Using this tool, administrators are able to monitor real-time user activities.

To open the Session Monitor, Go to the Tools menu on the TAC dashboard and select Session Monitor.                                                  

The Session Monitor will show all active sessions. It provide the following details about a session.

·        Server – on which TAC server the session is registered. This information is useful if TAC is in array

·        Configuration ID – On which TAC configuration effects the session

·        Browser – is browser based session or non-browser based session

·        ID – Session ID

·        Authenticated – Authenticated session or not

·        IP – Client IP address

·        GEO – Client IP Geolocation information. GEO data includes: Country ISO code – Region ISO code – City name.

·        Lead User – logged in user information

·        Started At – session initiated date and time

·        Duration – for how long session active.

·        Entry Site – Site name that session logged

·        Entry Host – Site’s public host name that session accessed.

In an organization administrator may get thousands of sessions. Administrator can sort sessions using following filters:

·        Type – choose from All, browser and non-browser.

·        Server – from which server

·        Site – Select the Site that you want to list sessions

·        Application – select specific application or All.

Click Load to sort filtered sessions.

The administrator can also filter session entries using TAC mini filter popup on each field.  In each field you will see a small mark. By clicking on it, you will get a mini popup with filtering options.

To access additional details of a session, select the session and click Details.

The TAC Session Monitor Details window gives extensive details of a session.  The Generic tab provides a summary of the session details such as session ID, Configuration ID, Lead User, authenticated repository and many more.      

The Applications tab shows what TAC applications are launched and actively accessed and what applications are not active within the session.  Active application status is calculated by the request received for the application from client during last 15 minutes. By clicking on Refresh administrator can get the real-time application access details. 

Client tab will give details about the endpoint that initiated the session. 

Administrators can forcefully terminate any sessions from the Session Monitor. Select the session and click Terminate to terminate the session. This option is helpful to administrators and give control over user sessions. They may terminate a session if they observe any suspicious activity within a session.