Removing an array member from an array

To remove an array member from the array, do the following:

1.       Go to the array member which needs to be removed

2.       Open the TAC console from the desktop 

3.        Click on Configuration. This will open the Array Manager wizard on array member

4.       Select Remove this server from an array.


5.       Click Next

6.       Enter credentials that were used to connect to array member, if missing

7.       Click Next

8.       Click Finish


Once you click Finish, the disjoin process will start and the last saved configuration before array join will be restored. After disjoin is completed on the array member, reopen the TAC Management Console and reapply the configuration. 

9.       Go to array manager. Open the Array Management wizard and select Create an array and set this server as the array manager.

10.   Click Next

11.   Click Next in Array Credentials window.

12.   Under Array Members, select the array node that you wish to remove from the array.

13.   Click Remove

14.   Click Next

15.   Click Finish

This will prompt you to apply the configuration. Click Apply. This will completely remove the array member.