RemoteApp enables you to make programs that are accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services appear as if they are running on the end user's local computer. These programs are actually residing in a remote server. When user launch the application using TAC Site, the program will connect to the Remote server using remote desktop services and execute the program executable to integrate with client desktop. 

RemoteApp is helpful where organization has limited IT resources and limited network bandwidth.  Whereas sharing single application resources among multiple users and workstation. RemoateApp creates its own entry in the taskbar of client desktop.

To create RemoteApp application, do the following:

  1. Click Add in Application section of your site.
  2. Select RemoteApp from Remote Desktop/VDI dropdown menu; click Next
  3. Enter Application name, click Next.
  4. In the Remote Desktop Application page, either you may import rdp file that previously created. Click Import RDP File… and browse for the file or you may enter RDP settings manually as follows:
  5. In the Server field, enter the RemoteApp hosting server address
  6. In the Port field, enter the RDP port that used to connect to the remote server
  7. In the RDP file content, enter additional RDP settings
  8. In the Extra Servers field, enter list of extra RDS servers (RDS session host, RD gateway, etc.) required for this application. List each server as own entry in server_name:server_port entry.
  9. Click Next
  10. Configure authentication type and authentication server.
  11. Click Next
  12. Configure access policy
  13. Click Next
  14. Click Finish

Click Apply Configuration to take effect the changes.