Remote Desktop Publishing

TAC comes with two types of remote desktop application types. Pre-defined remote desktop application and User-defined remote desktop application. There are no major differences in both application types but with pre-defined remote desktop application the remote desktop server that user try to connected is pre-configured. Administrator not able to define multiple RDP servers in a single application. When end user click on the predefined RDP application user will connect to the predefined server.

Below screenshot depicts Remote Desktop Server settings window for predefined remote desktop application.

In the user defined Remote Desktop application end user prompt to enter server IP or the FQDN to connect from the list of RDP servers defined by the administrator. Therefor if there are multiple servers available to connect the administrator does not need to add multiple predefined remote desktop application on the TAC Site. 

Below screenshot depicts Remote desktop server settings window for user defined remote desktop application.

To publish Remote Desktop application, do the following:

  1. Click Add in Application section of your site. 
  2. Select the remote desktop application type from Remote Desktop/VDI dropdown menu depend on the requirement. 
  3. Click Next
  4. Enter Application name, click Next.
  5. In the Remote Desktop Server page, enter remote desktop server settings. 

If you have selected Remote Desktop(predefined) application type:

  1. In the Server field, enter the remote desktop server IP address or FQDN.
  2. In the Port field, enter RDP port that used to connect to the remote server
  3. In the RDP file content, enter additional RDP settings (optional) 

If you have selected Remote Desktop (user defined) application type:

  1. In the Servers field, enter the remote desktop server IP addresses or server name along with the port number or click Import… to enter servers details and click Import. 

E.g – server_name:port




  1. In the RDP file content, enter additional RDP settings (optional)
  2. Click Next
  3. Configure authentication type and authentication server.

Note: Administrator can set users to skip entering credentials when they launch RDP application through portal. When the application is configured for SSO, end users will not prompt to enter credentials when they launch the application and users portal sign in credentials will be used to access remote desktop.

Users may need to enter different credentials when they access RDP due to different reasons such as with having different administrator privilege access to the server than with normal user rights that they used to check emails through TAC site or log in using a service account that does a particular batch job on the remote server. To enable credential tile to enter user credentials when launching the application, you need to prompt credentials tile when users launch the application, disable SSO in Authentication page.  It is an important to note that when SSO is disabled, end user will prompt to download the RDP file to connect as RDP web access and for this method TAC client Services is not required.

  1. Click Next
  2. Configure access policy
  3. Click Next
  4. Click Finish

After completing the application wizard do remember to apply configuration.