RDP Application Support on Mobile Platforms

Total Access Control supports full RDP application access on mobile platforms including Android, iOS, and ChromeOS.    TAC uses the native Microsoft RDP client app from the various app stores and must be installed on the mobile device prior to launching an RDP app on the device.

TAC supports two type of RDP publishing:

  1. Predefined - RDP settings are predefined.
  2. User Defined - users are prompted to enter RDP server name or IP when launch the application.

Administrators can configure an access policy where mobile devices are required to get administrator approval before access to the portal is granted.   Additionally, admins can also configure TAC to evaluate certain local devices conditions of the device to be considered prior to providing access to the TAC portal.  For example, an administrator can specify what platform version or device type is permitted, or detect jailbreak status before granting access.   These policies can be assigned to any Portal/Site or the application directly.

Users are required to have the TAC Mobile app installed on their devices, otherwise the portal will prompt to install it when launching the portal for the first time.  The user will be redirected to GooglePlay or Apple Itunes to download the TAC app as needed.

Read more about TAC Mobile HERE.  

TAC can be configured to provide secure access to internal applications and remote connectivity using 2 factor Authentication (2FA) and access policy, which provides an additional layer of strong authentication prior to portal access.  TAC supports wide range of 2FA authentication products and can be integrated with many external 2FA methods in the enterprise.  

Additionally, TAC can be configured to use dynamic policies to build RDP settings based on the policy context. This will extends the ability to control RDP settings based on the device used to access the RDP application