PortSys TAC Folders Structure

By default TAC is installed into "C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway" folder. All paths in the following table are relative to that default path.

Folder pathDescription
\BinSourceExecutable files for TAC Gateway run-time configurations.
\EnvironmentApplied (run-time) TAC configuration files.
\Config\MgmtContains default TAC configuration for Form based SSO and HTTP modification engine. Files in this folders should not be modified, as all changes will be replaced during TAC update.
\Config\Mgmt\CustomizationCustomer defined settings for Form based SSO and HTTP modification engine.
\FileAccessSourceTAC File Access web application.
\GatewayTAC Gateway Windows service files, which performs users request processing.
\GatewayManagerTAC Gateway management service, which performs TAC array synchronization operations and operations, which require elevated permissions. Elevated permissions are not available for TAC Gateway service for security reasons, as it runs under Network Service account.
\Log\AccessLogTAC access logs. These logs are W3C formatted files which contain log of every URL processed by TAC Gateway.
\Log\ConfigUpdateLogs of TAC configuration apply process from TAC Management Console.
\Log\DbLogTAC event log in SQL Server database format. These logs contain TAC system events and TAC audit log.
\Log\ExecutionTAC Gateway execution logs. Operational logs from different parts of TAC Gateway. Source of information during troubleshooting.
\Log\ReportDefault location to store generated reports from TAC Gateway.
\ManagementTAC Management Console. TAC management GUI application.
\PortalSourceTAC portal web application.
\PortalSource\tacgw\SiteTemplateTAC portal pages templates. Files in this folders should not be modified directly. Any customization to files should be done with help of Customization folder.
\PortalSource\tacgw\SiteTemplate\Resources\CustomizationCustomization of TAC portal header and footer should be placed into this folder.
\PortalSource\tacgw\Resources\img\CustomizationCustomization of TAC portal header logo image (logo.png) should be placed here.
\PortalSource\tacgw\ThemesTAC portal themes. Custom theme may be created as a copy of one of predefined themes. New theme folder name should contain only English alphanumeric characters and dash symbol ([A-z][0-9][-]) in its name.
\ToolsTAC Gateway tools.
TacTracing.exe – TAC Gateway tracing utility.