Manage Integrated NLB array member status

You can manage array NLB operations in Manage Integrated NLB array member status window.

Administrator can control NLB status of each array member using this window. After configuring NLB, all the array members will be showing in this window, which provides the status of the host whether it is converged or not. If all the members are showing as converged, that means the array and the NLB operations are healthy and handling traffic smoothly. If you require handling traffic through specific host, you can stop the node gracefully without interrupting user activities. For example, you may need to perform maintenance to a node and do not want to effect user operations. You can gracefully stop the particular server and move the new traffic to be handled by the other nodes of the array. Then, you can continue your maintenance of the server while the other nodes of the TAC array are handling incoming traffic.

Below are the NLB operation options:

·        Select:  Select the host from the window to issue the appropriate command.

·        Start:  The start command can be used after a stop or suspend command. It restarts NLB operations, but it does not enable the use of cluster control commands which have been disabled by a previous suspend command.

·        Stop:  The Stop command stops NLB on the host but does not affect the other NLB cluster control commands.

·        Drain Stop:  Drain stop disables new traffic handling for the NLB rule that contains the specified port in the port range. New connections to the specified NLB hosts are not allowed, but all active connections are maintained. Configure Drain Stop timeout value in Drain Stop Timeout (Min): box. This is the time it takes to drain existing connection on the host gracefully.

·        Suspend:  The Suspend command stops NLB on the host and suspends all NLB cluster control commands on the host.

·        Resume:  If you want to resume cluster operations on all NLB cluster hosts, click Resume

Click Finish to close the window.