Joining a server to an array

IMPORTANTBefore joining a member server to a new array or existing array, you should add the server to the array member computers list on the array manager when you completed the procedure configuring the array manager server. After doing this, ensure that the TAC Configuration console is closed on the array manager server and then join a server to an array as follows:

1.       Go to TAC member server

2.       Open Array Management by going to TAC Configuration console àConfiguration àArray Management

3.       In the Array management window, select Add this server to an array


4.       Click Next

5.   Specify the credentials to be used to manage the array server and array members. These credentials must be the same as the credentials entered in the array manager server.


6.       Click Next

7.       Specify the array manager IP address. This should be the Internal NIC IP address that is used for the array communication


Note: Make sure that array settings are configured on the array manager machine and that the TAC Configuration is applied in this step. When you click Next, it will verify the settings with the array manager.

8.       Click Next

9.       Click Finish

10.   This will complete the array joining process.  This action may take a few minutes. TAC management console will be closed on the member server. You will be prompted to apply the configuration on the array Manager. 


11.   Click OK

12.   After you make a server as TAC member and successfully joined it to an array, you can no longer access the TAC Configuration Console on the member server, and you cannot configure TAC settings using TAC Configuration Console on the member server. All configuration changes must be completed using the TAC Management Console running on the array manager, which will replicate the changes to its array members in the array during the configuration apply.

13.   Repeat steps 1 through 10 for each server that you want to add to the array.

14.  If load balancing is not enabled and you have already defined one or more sites, you must manually add the IP address of each array member in the properties of each of the array sites as follows:

a.      On the array manager server, open the TAC Configuration Console. If the console is already open, on the File menu, click Reload Configuration.

b.      In the left tree node, click a site.

c.      On the main site properties page, add the external IP address of the TAC server you added to the array under the option “Do not use integrated NLB.”

d.      Repeat the above steps for each of the sites defined in the array.

15.   On the toolbar of the console, click the Apply Configuration icon. Select Reset all current settings and enforce usage of the new configuration

16.   Enter configuration change description

17.   Click Apply

18.   Wait for the apply configuration to complete and Click Close.