Introduction to Total Access Control (TAC)

PortSys Total Access Control

The PortSys Total Access Control (TAC) Gateway provides a highly secure and highly flexible access to an enormous array of application types.   Connect and secure any application type (local or cloud) behind a dynamic portal with highly granular security policy and strong authentication technology.

Simplify, Strengthen, and Unify your Security.

Finally, one solution to manage even the largest organization’s mobility and access needs, no matter how complex.   Improve productivity by providing a secure overlay to Web-based access through a highly flexible and unified platform.


A Secure Proxy – No direct connection to resources



TAC consolidates multiple technologies that are typically found in individual products developed and supported by different vendors.   By building these technologies into one unified framework within our gateway, the result is a more comprehensive, integrated, and fortified architecture.   It's not only a more logical approach to security, it's just better. 

One Vendor, One Platform, The Technologies you need..  

All working together, Intelligently.

Portal Access

• Your applications in a customizable web portal

• Dynamic portal shows only accessible resources

• Consistent experience regardless of device/location

MDM - Mobile Device Management

• Full validation and control

• Jailbreak/root detection

• Selective/partial wipe for BYOD

Internal Application Access Control

• Publish your internally hosted applications securely

• Control Authentication and Access permissions

• Mask URLs native  to the application

Centralized Management

• “Single pane of glass“ management of all functions

• Realtime monitoring of all activity

• No interruption of service for configuration changes

Cloud Application Access Control

• Control who gets access to cloud apps

• Use your own authentication/multifactor

• Delivered seamlessly alongside your internal apps

Comprehensive Reporting and Auditing

• Detailed reporting of all access to all resources

• Ability to drill down to any session, any activity

• Graphical reports simplify data analysis

Multifactor Authentication (SafeLogin)

• Includes revolutionary picture-based multifactor 

• Supports any third-party multi-factor products

• Can be application, user, or portal specific

Device Validation

• Determine full status of any device

• Block access at hardware level

• Vary/block access based on device status/version,

GeoIP Intelligence

• Allow/block access based on location

• Security behavior based on geography of access

• Report based on geography of access/attempts

Application Acceleration

• Improve application performance

• Reduce network load

• Improve response times

Single Sign-On

• Simplify all access for end-users

• SSO for all local and cloud-based apps

• Improves productivity, lowers support costs

Highly Scalable

• Global geo-aware architecture support

• High availability local or across the globe

• Up to 64 array members

Differential Security Policy Engine

• Highly intelligent, granular security engine

• Allows for very flexible, dynamic rules

• More robust security options

Socket Forwarding

• Publish thick-client applications

• Dynamically launched from within the portal

• Support for RDP, VDI, VMware and many more

Untrusted device protection

• Control sessions from untrusted devices

• Limit functions on unknown or untrusted devices

• Block file access, copy, print/print-screen


From Any Device.  To Any Application.  Local or Cloud.


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