Installing the TAC License

Total Access Control (TAC) requires a license to be obtained from PortSys following the license request procedure outlined below.

Important – A machine name will be required to generate the TAC license request. Changing the machine name after applying the license may void the license activation. Therefore, the TAC server should be joined to domain\renamed if needed before TAC license request is generated. 

To obtain the TAC license, follow these steps:

1. On the TAC Configuration toolbar click Help  >  License 

2.   This will launch the TAC License Wizard

2. In the license wizard, do the following:

a.   Enter your  company name  in the Company Name field

b.   Click on Generate License Request  - This saves the current configuration to the disk and  generates the license data.

c.   Press the Copy to Clipboard  button and send  the information to

d.   Once you receive the license data  back from PortSys,  copy it to the Apply  License box

e.   Click the Apply  License button to activate TAC.  Note - This will also save your  current configuration to the disk.

3.   After you have verified everything looks correct, restart  the application.

Note - You may check the license status of your  TAC Gateway by clicking About on the TAC dashboard or About menu under the Help  menu of the TAC configuration toolbar.

License details will include the license type, how many user license issued and the experation date.

Administrator can get the license usage by clicking on the numbers next to the license usage. License Usage window will show how many license are utilized by the users in the organization including use date/time and expiration (release) time of the each license.

Additionally, administrator can export the license usage data in to CSV by click on Export to CSV option.