Installing SSL Certificates

NOTE:  Before configuring the site, the SSL certificate must  be installed on the system. To install  certificates:

1.   Go to Run and  type “mmc” and click OK to open  Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

2.   Go to File > Add/Remove Snap-in.  This will open  Add  or Remove  Snap-in window

3.   Click Certificate in Available Snap-in;  Click Add.

4.   Select Computer Account in Certificate snap-in; Click Next.

5.   Click Finish

6.   Click OK

7.   This will open  the certificate management console.

8.   Expand Personnel and right-click on certificate.

9.    Go to All Tasks and click on Import.

10. Select the portal certificate that is issued from a global certificate authority and  click Install. In addition, you may start the Certificate MMC using  the link provided in TAC New Site wizard.

You may need  to add  multiple certificates for different applications that have alternate public host names.

Further, you may need  to install  certificates on endpoints to trust the connectivity between end- points and TAC Gateway. If you publish generic  client server  application or VPN or RDP appli- cation where TAC client component is involved, you will need  to install  trusted system certifi- cate on endpoints.

Important: If you use self-signed certificate (issued by custom CA) for TAC site, CA that issued cert has to be added to Trusted Root Certificate Authority under Local Computer on end-point in order for TAC Client Services to work properly.