Resetting a SafeLogin Password

All SafeLogin  passwords are created by each and every user when they sign into a Safelogin protected TAC portal  

1. This password will be recorded and can be found within the User and Device Management Console located within the TAC Configuration Console

2. Go to the SafeLogin Tab

This console also includes comprehensive details about the SafeLogin  password created by the user - including the background and buttonset used to create the password, the username, last used IP, and the associated timestamp. These details are very helpful for administrators keeping track of who uses SafeLogin authentication within the enterprise.

The administrator can reset the password of a user from here. If a user requests a password re-set, the admin can select the user from the list and click on “Reset”  to reset the password. This will clear the existing  password and user will be prompted to create a new SafeLogin password during the next login to the Site.

In a large organization, it is unavoidable to have a large number of user logins.   Users are also empowered to reset their own passwords by following the password reset procedure on during the sign-in experience:

By clicking the link provided,the user can populate the email form to receive a reset link that is tied to their SafeLogin account:

Note: This feature requires configuring the SMTP settings within Safelogin for this feature.