How to publish SharePoint in TAC

TAC support publishing SharePoint application in TAC. Administrator may select the appropriate SharePoint server version in TAC to publish it in TAC.  

To publish SharePoint application in TAC, do the  following:

  1. Open TAC configuration console
    1. Select the site where you are going to publish the application. Read more about creating a site HERE
    2. Under Application, click Add
    3. In Add Application Wizard, Select Web and select the appropriate SharePoint application template from the dropdown list. 
    4. Click Next
  2. On the Application Name page:
    1. Provide Application name
    2. Click Next
  3. On the Server type page:
    1. Select Single Application server. If SharePoint server is hosted in application farm, Read more about configuring application farm HERE.
    2. Click Next
  4. On the Application Server page:
    1. In the Address field, enter the SharePoint backend server IP Address  or Fully Qualified Domain Name of the SharePoint server .
    2. In the Port box enter port no – 80 for HTTP (default) and 443 for HTTPS.
    3. In the Paths box, optionally, you can define one or more paths where the application resides. Root (/) is the default path.  To insert a new entry, hit Insert key. To remove entry, hit Delete key.To modify entry, double-click it.To finish modification, hit Enter key
    4. In the Public Host Name box enter SharePoint specific public host name for the SharePoint web application.
      NOTE: The server certificate installed in TAC server must match this public hostname as SAN certificate or wildcard certificate.
      The public hostname must be configured to resolved to IP address of the external facing interface of the TAC server in your public DNS server. 
    5. If required select the Replace HOST header with the following checkbox in the Custom Host Header field 
    6. Click Next.
  5. On the Authentication page:
    1. Select Single Sign On
    2. Click Add under authentication server and select the authentication server from the list
    3. Click Select
    4. Select Authentication type Both
    5. Select pre authentication type None
    6. Select Basic from External authentication Type
    7. Click Next.
  6. On the Security page: 
    1. Select Authorize all users checkbox
    2. In the Access Policy, select if any policy defined. else select None.
    3. Click Next.
  7. On the Portal Link page (if required)
    1. Configure the portal link for the application and select the appropriate application icon from the icon box.
    2. Click Next.
  8. On the Log off page:
    1. Select Remove application specific SSO credentials on application logoff.
    2. Click Next
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Click Apply Configuration

This will publish SharePoint server in TAC and users able to access the application by login to TAC.