How to backing up and restoring with import /export

TAC configuration file holds all most every configuration data made on your TAC environment. All operational settings, application settings,customization, reports etc... are saved in the configuration file.

Administrator can backup TAC configuration by exporting it to an .xml file format.This file maintains a record of the latest configuration settings, and can be used, during maintenance or disaster recovery, to restore configuration settings to the same TAC server from which the settings were exported, or to a different TAC server.

To back up and restore the TAC configuration, you use the TAC export and import mechanisms. When you export your TAC configuration settings, an xml file is created, containing the current configuration settings. You can later import this xml file, as required. Any user who has access to the TAC Management console can perform export and import operations.

Note: It is recommended to do Apply Configuration before export TAC configuration to make sure any latest changes are written to the configuration file.

Exporting the TAC configuration

Following are the export best practices:

  1. Export the configuration directly after configuring TAC for the first time.
  2. Following the initial backup, export the settings each time you modify the configuration settings, to ensure that the backup is updated at all times.
  3. Copy the exported file to a separate location (outside TAC server) whenever you make major changes to the configuration.

To export the TAC configuration do the following:

  1. Open TAC management console and go to FILE > Export...
  2. In the Configuration Export window, select export file location by browsing a path.
  3. Enter a strong password with minimum 8 characters to protect the configuration file. the password must not be a dictionary word and should be combination of alpha-numeric and characters.
  4. Re-enter the password again.
  5. enter a description about the export in the comment field.
  6. Click OK.

This will export the configuration in to single .xml file.

Importing the TAC configuration settings

After exporting configuration settings, you can import them, during maintenance or disaster recovery, to restore the configuration settings on a TAC server.

To import the configuration, do the following:

  1. In the TAC Management console, on the FILE menu, click Import.
  2. From the Configuration Import window, click Browse in the TAC Configuration File field, Select the file you want to import, and click Open. The TAC Configuration version number of the file you are about to import appears in the Version field of the Configuration Import dialog box. "This TAC Version"field will show the current TAC build version that you are going to import.

    Note: Administrator can import TAC configuration from any TAC version to an any TAC version. It is recommended to use same TAC build number to do the configuration import.

  3. Enter the Password created for the configuration file when export.

  4. Click Import.

    This will import the configuration and after import configuration completed administrator may able to do further configuration changes using TAC Management console. After making the manual configuration changes, in the TAC Management console, click the Apply Configuration icon, and then on the Apply Configuration dialog box, click Apply to activate the configuration.