How to configure and allow Active Directory password change through TAC portal

TAC users can reset their Active Directory password through the TAC portal.

To enable password change through TAC, do the following in TAC Management Console:

  1. Select the Site that you want to enable the password reset option.
  2. Click "Configure" in the Site Configuration section.
  3. Go to the Authentication tab.
  4. Select password change properties under the Password Change section.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click to apply the configuration.

When the user is logged into the Site:

  1. Click on "Self Service."
  2. Click "Change my Domain Password"
  3. On the Change Password page, enter the new password.

  4. Click "Submit."

Users may be prompted to re-login to the portal again with the new password.

Important: When changing the password, the Active Directory password policy criteria must be met.