How to configure a TAC server to not to participate in NLB in TAC array

Below are the steps required to follow to configure a particular TAC server to not  to participate in NLB in TAC array. This article only applies to a situation where integrated NLB is used for array load balancing.

IMPORTANT: Following steps needs to do before configuring NLB in the TAC array cluster. 

  1. After all array members are joined, open regedit tool on TAC array manager.
  2. Create this registry key, if one doesn’t exist:
  1. Create a String value, with key “ArrayMemberIgnoreNlb”.
  2. Set the string value to FQDN name of server, which should be excluded from NLB, example:

NOTE: Multiple TAC server names can be used, each name should be separated with semicolon (;)

  1. Now, TAC server member which is excluded from NLB needs to have binding IP address assigned, instead of NLB IP which is used in TAC configuration.
  2. Open Array Management window:

  1. Select address override and press “Next”:

  1. Press “Add” button.
  2. Select array member that is excluded from NLB and configure re-map of NLB IP and port to dedicated IP and port for the array member:
    The source IP is NLB IP and destination IP is dedicated IP on the array member on external NIC.

Do this for port 80 and port 443.

  1. Press OK to close add dialog.
  2. Repeat for other required ports and IPs.
  3. Press Finish.
  4. Apply configuration

This will exclude the array node from being participated to NLB operation.  after apply configuration completed, you may do the  NLB configuration for rest of the nodes. 

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