Applying Microsoft updates on TAC (Standalone TAC Server)

PortSys provide recommended Microsoft patch update releases every month to keep the TAC servers up to date.

PortSys engineering team will be testing the updates on TAC servers before publicly anounce it for customers to make sure any updates are not badly effect the system.

To update TAC servers, make sure you follow the patch release guide sent monthly by PortSys which contains information related to the latest Total Access Control upgrades, including important and critical security updates for the Windows operating system.  Review the document and follow the instructions to retrieve the updates for installation on PortSys’ TAC security appliances.  


Server reboot may be required after patches/updates are applied. Therefor plan your patch update accordingly to avoid service disruption.

Make sure you have backups of your array nodes (or snapshots if VM).

To update TAC server, do the following:

  1. Review the update document and list out KB reference numbers of important and critical updates.
  2. Install the updates one by one.
  3. If server reboot requested, reboot the server.
  4.  Re-test all application access after patch update completed.

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