Generate logs for first line support assistance

Logs and details are more important to look when there is a ticket raised with PortSys Support.

Depend on the issue type and nature, PortSys support engineers will request following details to start issue troubleshooting:

  1. Current TAC version. See this KB article for how to determine installed TAC version number:Determine TAC Gateway Version number
  2. snapshots,images that better describing the issue
  3. severity of the issue and how many users effected from the issue.
  4. TAC logs from TAC server stored under “C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\Log\” Directory. Zip the folder and upload it to the CustomerLogs folder.
  5. In addition to the logs in the logs folder, user will be requested to re-produce the error/issue after running TAC Tracing tool from TAC server and browser logs on the user PC simultaneously to generate more verbose logs. verbose logs will give more insight of the issue to Support engineers.

    Follow below steps when re-produce the error:
    1. Run TAC tracing tool on the TAC server. TAC Tracing tool is located in C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\Tools” folder. If TAC is in array run the tool on all nodes. 
    2. Enable verbose logs for all the items in the list. Check enable debug details checkbox.

    3. Click Apply
    4. On the client PC or effected user PC open IE browser and run network log collection from Developer Tools (F12). Under Networking tab,Before start capturing in IE check / uncheck following settings :
      Clear entries on navigate - unchecked
       Always refresh from server - checked.

    5. Launch the application from effected users PC and regenerate the issue.
    6. After issue generation completed, save browser logs separately and TAC logs from under “C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\Log\” separately.  Rename the log folders with the issue description.
    7. Upload logs  to the CustomLogs link in 

  6. Since TAC act as an application proxy between user and back end web applications, you are requested to send Direct application access logs from the browser bypassing TAC connection.