Downloading TAC Virtual Machine (VM) - Using FileZilla

Instructions for downloading the TAC Virtual Machine (VM) - Using FileZilla

  • Portsys utilizes an FTP site for current VM versions and allows customers access for the purpose of downloading and installing these VM's
  • The Portsys Operations Manager will email the the FTP site credentials needed to connect and download the required VM
  • We recommed FileZilla for FTP connections to Portsys FTP sites, so all instructions below are based on the FileZilla application, version 3.30.0 

Use Site Manager to connect to the FTP Server

  1. Click on File, and select Site Manger (alternatively, from main window hit Ctrl+S)

  1. Create a new site
  2. Enter the server IP address that was provided
  3. Enter port # 21
  4. For protocol, use "FTP-File Transfer Protocol" 
  5. for Ecryption, use "Only use plain FTP (insecure)"
  6. for Logon Type, us "Ask for password"
  7. For User, enter the username that was provided
  8. Click on 'Transfer Settings' tab
  9. Select "Active", under 'Transfer mode:'
  10. Then click "Connect"
  11. Then enter the password that was provided and click "Ok"

  • After connetion to the FTP server is made, you will see something simlar to the screenshot below:

  • To download your file, right click on the correct file (under remote sites), and then click "Download"
  • You can then monitor the download at the bottom on the "Queued files" tab