Device Management

TAC Device Management allows administrators to control and manage mobile device access. Administrators can allow only approved devices and block other devices from accessing internal resources. This will enhance the security of mobile device access and provide scalable protection for BYOD devices.

To configure Device control, do the following:

  • Open TAC Management Console
  • Go to Configuration and click on Device Control.

 This will open Device Control window. Under Common tab, you can enable general device control options.

  • Check Require Explicit Device Approval checkbox to enable device control.
  • Check Block Jailbroken\Rooted Devices to prevent jailbroken/rooted devices from accessing the site.

Additionally, the administrator can configure email notification on device authorization requests.

To enable email notification, check the Send E-mail Notification On Device Authorization Request checkbox under Administrator Notification. Provide required email properties to receive request notifications.

Under User Notification, select the Send notification to user’s device and enter approved /blocked messages to notify users. This message will  appear on the user’s device after the administrator approves or blocks the device.

Click OK to complete the action.

Along with above configuration administrator requires to enable device control per site.

 Select the Site that you want to enable device control. Click Configure… under Site Configuration and go to the Security tab. In the Security tab check the “Enable device access control” checkbox under the Generic section. Click OK.

This will enable Device Control in TAC for mobile devices. Remember to Apply Configuration after changes in TAC

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