Determine TAC Gateway Version number

There are two different methods for determining the TAC Gateway version number.

  1.  Using the TAC Dashboard or Configuration GUI 
  2. Using data in a file in the TAC Gateway directory.

First method - GUI

Launch the TAC Management Console and use either of the following methods:

  1. Click on "About" on the top right on the TAC Daskboard. Then click on Copy Details to Clipboard


  1. Click on Configuration on the top right on the TAC Dashboard.
    • In the TAC Configuation screen, click on HELP, then click on About.  Then click on Copy Details to Clipboard. 

Second method - Data in file

Go to the TAC Gateway Windows Server 2012r2, and use File Explorer to go to:

C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\Gateway\        (the default install directory)

 Right click on the “PortSys.Tac.Gateway.Core.dll” file and go to properties.

On the Details tab, you can find the version number.