Deploying Disaster Recovery setup with TAC servers in Array

This article explains how to deploy disaster recovery setup with TAC servers in array. 

In the default setup minimum 2 TAC servers will be operational as TAC array in the head office and will be load balanced using integrated NLB or using external NLB. DR server will be deployed separately for the purpose to use in a disaster.

To deploy the DR setup following consideration needs to be in place:

  1. All TAC nodes (including DR) will be joined to same array.
  2. All TAC servers (including DR ) will be shared same TAC license and the TAC configuration.
  3. DR server will not participate in network load balancing operation with other TAC nodes.
  4. DR server needs to configure with dedicated public IP or should have proper NAT rule pointed to (if the external network interface holds private IP) for failover operation.
  5.  If DR server is in separate network subnet, there should be proper network connectivity and routing enabled in the private network and PortSys does not recommend to use firewalls in between TAC servers in the private IP connectivity.
    IMPORTANT: sitting firewalls in between TAC array nodes may result to unexpected issues in array synchronization as array operation uses dynamic port ranges for its communication. If firewalls used PortSys recommends to allow UDP and TCP traffic on all ports between TAC members private IPs.

To deploy the setup follow the below steps:

  1. Configure array by enabling array manager. Read more about Configuring the array manager server
  2. Join all array nodes (including DR server) in to the array. Read more about how to Joining a server to an array.
  3. Exclude DR TAC server from being participated to NLB operation. Read more about excluding TAC node from participating in NLB operation in TAC array
  4. Configure NLB in main TAC nodes in the array. Read more about how to Configuring Network Load Balancing (NLB) for TAC
  5. Apply configuration.