Customizing TAC Portal Header and Footer

It is helpful for an administrator to add header and footer data to reflect their organization's name, logo and other relevant information in the TAC Portal.

To customize TAC portal header and footer, an administrator needs to understand the folder and path hierarchy of the TAC pages.  These files are CSHTML files, which can be edited using a text editor.  The content and syntax of the file must be in HTML format to alter the web page.

Important:  Incorrect customization may cause unexpected page errors. 

When customizing any of the TAC pages, the administrator MUST create a separate folder called "Customization" on the folder path to be customized.  Files to be customized are copied from the original folder, the file names must be the same as the default file names, and should not be changed or modified.  Do not change any of the existing default files in the original fiolder.  Changes to the content of the files in the customization folder are allowed.  New TAC installations or updates will overwrite existing files in the installation directory during the installation process.  Only files in the Customization folder will be preserved.

Following are some of the basic customization steps:

Customizing the company logo.

To change the default logo with your company logo, follow the steps below:

The default logo image is located here:

"C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\PortalSource\tacgw\Resources\img\" 

To replace the default logo, the administrator needs to create a folder named "Customization" in "C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\PortalSource\tacgw\Resources\img\" directory.  Place your logo inside the customization folder with the same file name as the default name, which is "logo."

Administrator needs to consider the logo file size and the pixel value to fit it to the web page, otherwise, you will get improper page visuals.

Click "Apply Configuration" on the TAC management Console for the changes to take effect. End users may need to clear their browser cache to reflect new changes on their browser.    

Customizing the TAC Site Headers and Footer:

Header and footer customization allows administrators to place wording on the TAC site pages, There are three types of headers in the TAC site pages, and there is one common footer area. Each page has different header files available to customize. 

Following are the header and footer types with its file names in TAC.

  • Login /Main page header - "_HeaderSection"
  • Application portal page header -  "_HeaderSectionAppPortalType"
  • Logout / Message page header -  "_HeaderSectionMessageType"
  • Common page footer -  "_FooterSection"

Default header and footer files are saved under the following folder:

"C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\PortalSource\tacgw\SiteTemplate\Resources"

To customize the header and footer:

  1. Create a folder named "Customization" in the "C:\Program Files\PortSys\TAC Gateway\PortalSource\tacgw\SiteTemplate\Resources\" directory. 
  2. Copy the default header and footer files to the Customization folder from the default location mentioned above.
    Important: These file names should not be modified or changed during the customization as doing so may cause unexpected page errors.
  3. Edit each file with in HTML syntax and tags to reflect your wording.
  4. Save the files.
  5. Apply Configuration on TAC Management Console.  

End users may need to clear their browser cache to reflect new changes on their browser.