Customizing TAC Login Banners

Login banners are helpful to notify users about the corporate rules, regulations and the information that must be aware before they sign in to TAC Site.

TAC allows two types of login banners per site:

  • Pre-Login banner - login banner page before user credentials page 
  • Post-Login banner - login banner page after user credentials entered

To enable and customize the login banners, do the following:

  1. Select the site and click Configure... under Site Configuration
  2. Go to "Look and Feel" tab.
  3. Check the checkbox which you need to enable login banner customization in Portal section. administrator can enable both or any of one.
  4. Click Customize button next to the selected banner.

    This will open the "Message page" window. Here administrator can enter notices/information/rules & regulation using HTML format.
  5. In Message Page, enter a Title. This is the title for the message.
  6. In HTML content page enter the message content as HTML.
  7. In Continue link text field enter a text which will be hyper linked to the proceeding page.
  8. Click OK, OK and apply Configuration.

    End users will get a login banner similar to below when they launch the site URL."Continue link text" must be present. if "Continue link text" is not set, the Message content must have an HTML link targeted to the next page to let users continue navigation from login banner page.
    Default link URLs are the following :
                      Pre-login:  welcome.cshtml
                      Post-login: ?show=1

    Example: message content
     <a href= welcome.cshtml>Proceed</a>

In above example, the message content added a link to proceed to next page (welcome.cshtml).