Creating a Secure Site - HTTPS

To add  a secure  site use File -> New  – Secure site or right-mouse click on Secure Site select New.

The New  Secure Site window will appear.

Configure the New  Secure Site property page as follows:

Name – This is the name of the site

Public Host Name – This is the FQDN of the site

Port – This is the port  that the client will connect to

IP Address – This is the external address that this site will be bound to

SSL Certificate– To publish a secure site, you must obtain a SSL certificate or Wildcard certificate for your site to access over the internet.

Note:    The  public host name and the certificate’s subject alternative name must be matched.

Require Server Name Indication - The Server Name Indication (SNI) feature allows  administrators to use multiple server  certificates and ports  for the same IP address. That allows multiple secure  (HTTPS) websites (or any other service over SSL) to be served off the same IP address without requiring all those sites to use the same certificate. See SNI requirement for more details.

Authentication Servers  –  Click Add to add  your  authentication server(s)

Click OK.