Creating a Custom SafeLogin Keypad

To create custom keypad, click on New Keypad button.

This will bring  you to the SafeLogin  Keypad wizard.

The SafeLogin Keypad wizard allows you to an select existing button set or create an entirely new new button set. Select Use Existing Buttonset if you wish to use one of the available buttonsets, or select Create new Buttonset to create a new buttonset with custom images.

To Create a NEW buttonset, provide a name for the buttonset and click Add to add pictures  from the local storage, which  it uses to create picture passwords. It is important to keep in mind that the images you are adding must be in the same resolution and  dimension. You will need  to add  a minimum of five images. Click Next.

In the next step, you need  to do basic keypad settings. Enter a name for the keypad in the Keypad Name field.

You can define  how many  picture buttons should be displayed in the SafeLogin  create page  and login page. It is recommended to use more  picture buttons on SafeLogin  picture password cre- ate page  than  on picture password login page. This allows  defining more  complex SafeLogin passwords. Select the number of picture buttons that should be displayed from the dropdown for each page. If not, you may select same number of picture buttons for both page  by selecting “Use same number of picture buttons on SafeLogin  password create and login pages” checkbox. Click Next.

You will then  be asked  to configure keypad background in the next step. Click on Set back- ground image on each box to set a background image  for SafeLogin create page  and login page.

If the image  you selected is not the right  size, the wizard may ask you to resize it automatically to fit with  the layout. Click OK to accept the change.

After configuring keypad background image,  click Next.

In the next step, you will set up password asterisk settings.

Under password asterisk, configure maximum number of password pictures to be shown. The maximum is nine pictures. Select asterisk image  as per your  choice; you can create your  own or you can use predefined asterisk image.  In the right  pane  you can preview your  modifications. Click Next.

Next you are allowed to design the keypad layout for SafeLogin create page and SafeLogin login page.

Here you can edit the keypad layout using  Keypad Editor.  Click on Edit to launch the keypad editor. There you can change the position of the buttons, add/remove buttons and asterisks, etc.

Once the design is completed, click OK to exit from the Keypad Editor. Click on Preview  to preview the layout design.

Click Reset to reset the design.

Click Copy to copy the design from one page  to another. This will overwrite existing  design of the other page.

Click Finish to complete the custom keypad wizard. You can select the new keypad from the “Available keypads” list.

Click Apply Configuration in the TAC Configuration Console to enable your new SafeLogin Keypad.

Your SafeLogin Keypad is now active.