Configuring the array manager server

To configure the array, first you must make the primary server the array manager. Array Manager Server basically holds the entire configuration and it handles other server’s configuration. If you need to do any configuration changes you only require to do it on array manager server and array manager server will replicate the configuration to member servers automatically.

To create array manager, do the following:

1.      Go to TAC configuration console à Configuration à Array management 

2.      Select Create an Array and set this server as the array manager on Select Array Configuration action


3.       Click Next

4.       Specify the credential used to manage array server and array members.

Note: This must be a domain account with local administrator rights on each server (manager and member) in the array. It is recommended to set the password to never expire for this account. Credential must be the same on all servers of the array.


5.       Click Next

6.       Configure array manager IP address and configure array members

7.       Select the Internal IP address of the server that communicates with other array nodes from the dropdown list of the array manager


8.       Add the Array members

a.      Click Add under Array Members


b.      Enter fully qualified domain name of the member server

c.      Enter IP address of the Internal NIC of the member server that communicates with the Array Manager

d.      Click OK

Note: You may add the entire TAC member servers by clicking Add.  To remove, click Remove in the configure array member window

9.       Click Next

10.   Click Finish

11.   This will prompt you to apply the configuration. Click Apply. Array features will be installed during the Configuration Apply.

After Apply Configuration, go to Array Management and you will see that status of the server as Array Manager.