Configuring Fallback SSL Certificate

Fallback SSL certificate may be required to provide secure  connection for clients or devices  that do not support Server Name Indication (SNI). When  SNI option is enabled for a site, you may enable  a fallback SSL certificate that would secure  such clients or devices.  This certificate should cover all host names used  for sites and applications with  custom host name  within sites that have the SNI option enabled. It is recommended to use the Wildcard certificate or SAN certifi- cate that contains all corresponding host name  entries.

To enable  the Fallback certificate, click on Global  Site Settings in configuration menu.

Select the checkbox:   Enable Fallback SSL Certificate under Fallback SSL Certificate section, 

Select the corresponding certificate from the dropdown list. If you have not installed the certificate yet, you may start  the certificate console  by clicking on Start Certificate MMC

After selecting the certificate, click OK.