Configure Device Policy for mobile devices

Device policy is used as an additional security configuration to users’ end devices. Configuring Device policy will enable devices to setup PIN/Passcode for the device, which is used to lock/unlock the device. This has to be set by the user according to his/her preference.  The requirement is then set by the administrator. After enabling a PIN or passcode on the device, only the owner of the device is able to operate the device without PIN/passcode. The Device Policy option in TAC minimizes information loss from the device while securely protecting corporate information.

Device Policy can be found under Device Control Settings in TAC. Under Security section, set PIN/Passcode parameters.

Require PIN/Passcode checkbox explicitly enables PIN/Passcode requirement for the end devices.

Require simple PIN/Passcode value checkbox permits the use of repeating, ascending and descending character sequences.

Require alphanumeric value in PIN/Passcode checkbox sets at least one letter to be included in the PIN/Passcode.

Minimum PIN/Passcode length checkbox allows to set the length of the PIN/Passcode.

Require storage encryption checkbox allows non-iOS devices to encrypt the content and connection.

Note: iOS devices use encryption when PIN is enabled.

For Apple iOS users and devices:  The administrator is required to specify the iOS configuration profile that is generated by TAC. The iOS configuration profile is an XML-based configuration file that includes the required configuration enforced by the TAC Management console. This profile requires a signature. By default, an administrator can use the same certificate that is used for TAC SSL sites.

The iOS configuration profile is XML based. A TAC user can add optional content that will be added to TAC’s generated iOS profile. More information about it is available at THIS Apple LINK:

You can configure an iOS profile under the iOS profile section of Device Policy.

Note: Un-checking the "Require PIN/passcode checkbox" will require generating new password for iOS devices.  

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