Cloud Application Publishing

Over time, Cloud has matured and become increasingly popular and reliable replacing inhouse physical IT infrastructure. The industry is moving from legacy on-premise applications to cloud applications due to its flexibility and hassle-free operation. Cloud is owned and managed by a third party vendor and provides Software as a Service (SAAS) to host and manage organization applications in the cloud. Here, security became a big question as in the earlier days, everything under corporate network and behind our own firewall was managed only by us. TAC covers your security concerns and will be a layer of protection between the end user and the cloud ap-plication. Total Access Control is a secure application that protects your credentials from being sent to the cloud.

You get the advantage of publishing following major cloud platforms in TAC. Further, you are able to publish any kind of ADFS aware application through TAC.

Following are the platforms that TAC supports in publishing:

* Microsoft Office365

* Google Apps

* Salesforce

* Custom cloud application (ADFS aware)