Adding Radius Server

1. Open the TAC Management Console > Configuration

2.  Click on Configuration > followed by Authentication amd Authorization Servers

3. To configure the radius server, select Radius from the type of configuring authentication/authorization server  wizard.

Do the following:

1.    Provide a name for the repository.

2.   Add  an IP address or the host name  of the radius servers for the primary and alternate connection under the configuration section.

3.   The default Radius Authentication Port 1645 is listed  as the communication port  of the radius servers.

Configure generic  values for the radius server  under Generic  section.

4.    Enter timeout value  for the radius server  in milliseconds under timeout field.

5.   Enter shared secret value  to communicate between the radius server  and the radius client. The shared secret value  must  match  with  the shared secret value  of the radius server.

6.   You may select NAS-IP-Address attribute to pass remote client address or pass custom address or not to pass.

7.    Select Enable Challenge-Response mode  to enable  two-stage authentication or two-factor authentication.

8.   Click on Verify to verify the connection of the radius servers.

9.   Click OK to complete the wizard.

You can add multiple authentication repositories into the list.