Adding Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)

Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) is a Windows server-based authentication system that extends end users’ single sign-on access to applications and systems outside the corporate network. ADFS allows  corporate users  to authenticate to applications that are in third party domains.

Example:  Single Sign-On  with  cloud  hosted applications.

ADFS federates multiple different domains to tie up with  single user credentials to eliminate multiple login prompts when accessing  external applications or systems.

To add an ADFS repository, go to Configuration and select Authentication and Authorization Servers.

In the Authentication and  Authorization Servers  window, click Add. This will open the Configure Authentication and Authorization Server window.

In the General section,  select ADFS.

In the “name” field, provide a friendly name.

In the ADFS server  FQDN, provide ADFS server  FQDN name

Select the checkbox  “Support sending RelayState”. RelayState is a parameter of the SAML pro- tocol that is used  to identify the specific resource the user will access after they are signed in and directed to the relying party’s  federation server.  RelayState support requires AD FS 2.0 Rollup  2 or higher.

Click Verify to verify ADFS server  connectivity. Click OK to complete the configuration.

Click Close to close the Authentication and Authorization Server window.