Adding Active Directory Repository

1. Open the TAC Management Console > Configuration

2.  Click on Configuration > followed by Authentication amd Authorization Servers

Active Directory is the default authentication repository. You may select Use Local Active Directory or you can configure Custom Domain Controller in your network.

Under Access, provide user credentials to access Active Directory to retrieve user information. This credential must have view and modify user privilege. It is strongly recommended that you use a separate account for this purpose. The account should have read/write access to user information in active directory. The repository requires user information to retrieve from the active directory.

To minimize the delay in searching user information, select Base DN for search scope. Click on the Browse icon under User search and define the Base DN. Select Include Sub Folders if the search scope is to extended search. Giving larger scope may increase processing time and may reduce performance.

Enter default domain name under Default Domain field. Default domain name is used when users log on without specifying domain. Default domain is required when users want to authenticate into applications with single sign on (SSO).